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Mix & Match From Multiple Restaurants & Pay Only One Delivery Fee.*

Mix & Match by Chowy

Are you a foodie & you can't decide what you want to eat?

Do you want a burger from one restaurant & french fries from another?

Is a member of your household vegetarian & another pescatarian?

Does one person want tacos & someone else wants pizza?

You can have them all with our Mix & Match program.

Our Mix & Match program allows you to order food, for delivery, from multiple restaurants, at the same time, and still pay just one delivery fee.

How It Works

Step 1

Provide us with your delivery address to see a list of restaurants, in your area, that participate in our Mix & Match program.

Step 2

Start your order by selecting one of the restaurants on the list. This selection will determine the list of restaurants with which you can Mix & Match.

Step 3

Select multiple meals & dishes from multiple restaurants in the same neighborhood as the restaurant you chose in Step 2.

Step 4

Place your order from one or multiple restaurants & pay just one flat delivery fee.*



Taqueira Mundo

Land Of Soup

Everything Avacado

Pineapple Bowls

World Of Pancakes

Land of Waffles

Big Treats


Frank Wiener

House Of Coffee

Give the Gift of a Meal with Gourmandy.

Gourmandy is a curated online foodie marketplace where you can get your favorite gourmet dishes shipped to you from your favorite restaurants, from anywhere in the country.

Show someone you care by giving the gift of Gourmandy!

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Want a meal kit plan for a specific occasion?

You can get chef-curated meal kits for every occasion with Farmished.

With meals starting from just $35 per week, Farmished caters to all dietary, cultural, and religious precepts, and is available for Curbside, Pickup & Delivery in the Metro Atlanta.

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Need food catered for an event?

Explore a multitude of restaurants from different cuisines on Garnished, The Ultimate Catering Marketplace.

Starting from just $3 per person, you can order party packs & catering orders for any event, or just for the office.

What's truly amazing is that, just like Chowy, you can order from multiple restaurants, at the same time, & pay just one delivery fee.

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0% Commission Online Ordering for Food Service Businesses.

Built for Restaurants, Meal Kit Companies, Independent Chefs, Caterers, and other Food Service Companies.

Running any food service enterprise is extremely difficult.

Chowy simplifies the virtual extension of your brand by providing you with the necessary tools to help you thrive.

Upgrade your Online Ordering

Upgrade your Online Ordering

Chowy provides a robust online odering system for your resturant, meal kit company, catering company, or any other food service operation you have.

Your customers can make dine-in reservations, order food for pickup, curbisde, or delivery; as well as, place a catering order, purchase meal kits, or purchase one of your secret sauces from your Chowy store.

The best thing about Chowy is that, unlike our competitors, you don't have to pay us a commission on every order. In fact, on Chowy, you never have to pay us any commissions.

  • 0% Commission on all orders.
  • Custom Website Ordering
  • Custom Mobile App Ordering
  • Curbside, Pickup, and Delivery
  • Dine-In Reservations
  • Different menu types for Online Ordering
  • A Store to sell your merchandise & other items that can be shipped to your customers

Attract New Patrons

Attract curious new diners

You can easily integrate your Chowy account with some of the world's most popular websites and apps for a seamless online ordering experience & attract new customers while doing so.

  • Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms.
  • Google
  • Bing
  • Yelp

Engage your Existing Customers

Engage your Existing Customers

Convert your previous customers into repeat customers with all the insights, valuable data, marketing expertise as well as all the tools & resources Chowy has to offer.

  • Email Marketing
  • Creative Loyalty Programs
  • SMS Marketing
  • Print Marketing
  • Retargeting Ads

Streamlined Management

Streamlined Management

Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms.

  • A Centralized Dashboard to manage everything
  • Manage your operations on multiple devices
  • Integrate with your existing POS & Printer
  • Easily manage your delivery orders, as well as your own delivery fleet.

24/7 Support

24/7 Support

We are always available for a chat to assist you with orders, marketing, menu development, and much more.

  • A dedicated support team available at all hours
  • Marketing gurus on the ready.
  • A culinary team at your beck & call.

Join Chowy!

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